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  • The Irony of Modern deferment

    Overheard of two people while waiting in line to buy groceries. “The actuality of a situation is beyond anyone’s ability to be ethical.” “That’s right. I pay someone through taxes and school fees to deal with the greater problems of the world. Right now I have a career to advance.” —————————- When you think about […]

  • Stiegler’s Faux-pas?

    I have been chipping away very slowly at Stiegler’s Negathropocene. And here is a paragraph from the end of Part 2 in the book that I thought encompasses, what we might call, a faux pas in reckoning.  Similar to Lacan’s mistake , i’m calling this author’s mistake a faux pas because it seems to […]

  • The Anthropocene and the possibility of a future: The end of globalization? The questionable paradox of multicultural homogenized non-places

    Part 2. The end of globalization? The questionable paradox of multicultural homogenized non-places https://djehoety.wordpress.com/2018/10/17/part-2-the-end-of-globalization-the-questionable-paradox-of-multicultural-homogenized-non-places/ — Read on djehoety.wordpress.com/2018/10/17/part-2-the-end-of-globalization-the-questionable-paradox-of-multicultural-homogenized-non-places/ My comment: I don’t think that is necessarily bad. If you think, perhaps, globalization as of the spreading of sameness, likewise it allows human beings to identify themselves as a common sort. I no longer, Or at […]

  • Some Philosophy and Art, and some philosophical art: The Anthopocene, Black Holes and theoretical blank spots.

    While we posit about some conceptual ‘black hole’ of the anthropocene, in many cases, even the authors themselves will miss the blank spot and not grasp what they are talking about even while their view is fully informed. Below is a cool article. But, I can’t help but wonder how much (mistaken) postmodern approach goes […]