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  • Anthony Kelidis on Joe Rogan: on getting clean


  • Love and Neurosis 💙

    On this wonderfully fabricated day of promoting national fecundity, I am pondering all the problems that arise to individuals in relationship. Neurosis. Neurosis is a latinized word for nervousness. Originally, nervousness just meant excessive worry or sadness. Though for pretty much all of history various organs of the body were held to be responsible for…

  • Let the Great Experiment Begin!

    apple.news/AvT_l8A3PTl23uw7sYLf8ow Will drug addicts flock to Oregon so they can het high and more high in peace? Or will the drug problem be solved ? Or both ? Let’s get High folks !! On drugs. Or life! Let’s find out. We’re gonna find out. Maybe all the other states will have less problems with drugs…

  • The Ubiquitous drug of modernity.

    Our first and most obvious craving was for sugar. You don’t realize that sugar is really just a low-level cocaine addiction until you don’t have it … Knowing your addictions… ——— most people do not think about it. But when you do, you must have some sort of sinking feeling in your stomach. Then also…

  • Essential Alcohol part 2

    Think about it a moment… Yes. There was Failed Prohibition in the early 20th century US. Why did it fail ? … actually take this moment and think about the reason why liquor stores Are considered an essential business and are allowed to stay open. And think about it’s because that people would freak out…

  • I have stopped watching and listening to the news.

    I am cautious and intelligent. I am doing my part to be safe and protected for myself and those around me. If you are also, you no longer need the Covid daily updates. Now, the news has become nothing more than a drug dispenser for people trying to get their fix of the fear cure.…

  • The Nature of Evil: Humans, Coronavirus and Addiction

    Rolling around lately in my mind has been strange juxtapositionings of ethical dynamics. This started because I began to ponder statistics of human deaths. And then pondering the emotional response to the coronavirus thing, an interesting situation presents itself. Let me see if I can spell it out in a simple way without getting too…

  • Jail the true dope dealers.

    I agree 100%. The question we are dealing here is whether it is worse or better than or equal ethically to pedal addictive substances in full acknowledgment that they are destructive , or in denial that they cause destruction under the guise of “legal”.? 

  • 20 minutes of Entertaining Worth It.

  • The Biggest and Most Profitable Drug Cartel in the World.

    Opiate epidemic (I’ll control my own intoxication, thank you)…. plus, Mass murder…. equals : What could be more obvious?? The United States of America.