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  • My Take on the ** GREAT DEBATE ** (Zizek/Peterson): Initial comments.

    I think it was excellent. Yeah, it was a little let down for all the hype, but the encounter itself was great. Before I start in, here’s a couple few other people’s ideas on it. I like that both these videographers admit that they don’t know very much about either Zizek and Peterson. ok. grains […]

  • Philosophy, Religion and Negation.

    Here I am reading the paper that Was accepted to the conference at the University of Toronto, Negativity, Pessimisms, and Sad Affects in the Study of Religion Conference. Next week, April 18-19, 2019.  Right before THE GREAT ZIZEK PETERSON DEBATE!! I just realized I said the name of the conference wrong in the video 🙂   […]