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  • Mental Health is not the same as Physical Health

    Hazaah! Here is an article that, in a way, reiterates a major problem of the mental health industry: it is oriented on the medical model of health. But more specifically, on the notion that physical health and mental health must be connected in a hierarchical manner where what is physical is foundational and thus primary…

  • Mentally Sick or Not—(Bio)Markers of Psychiatric Disorders Needed

    Mentally Sick or Not—(Bio)Markers of Psychiatric Disorders Needed — Read on —Do you know, or you do believe? basically: the people that are convincing us there are have no clue as to biological markers, nor why psychiatric medicines work or even if they “cure” as disorder.

  • Paper: Counseling and The Two Routes

    An exploration into the reality of psychology from the perspective of mental health.

  • Cocaine makes you feel better as well :: Some interesting mental health quotations

    You might find some (or all) of the following quotes interesting: “Whatever we’ve been doing for five decades, it ain’t working.” Dr. Thomas Insel (… Some interesting quotations (Part 6)

  • Thinking Religion Through Things, but not really.

    “In recent years, the “material turn” has gained prominence in the humanities and social sciences, and it has also stimulated a shift toward a rediscovery of materiality in the scientific study of religion\s. The material turn aims to dissolve…” — Read on —— I am on and, as you may know, it sends…

  • The Outline of the Concept Toward the Veritable Counsel

    See the paper Here. The overarching proposal is that mental health has the greatest explanatory power for what is occurring in reality. I recognize that this cannot be proven through what I call the conventional philosophic approach in things. Hence, in order to show the veracity of the proposal, a different philosophical method is called…

  • The Philosophical Project Concerning the Mental Health.

    I recently submitted a paper to an academic journal. It was denied. Bummer! It uses, I might call, a three-stage, blind review board who reads and assess the papers, who then recommend the paper, yay or nay. They also provide comments as to why they rejected the paper, which I truly appreciated and take to…

  • Rp As we do not understand in the West: For Woman, Life, Freedom

    This is a guest post by Alma Fazeli, a PhD candidate whom I have the pleasure of supervising. In the post Alma reflects on the events taking place in… Guest post: For Woman, Life, Freedom

  • The Object of the Subject

    “The Philosophical Hack uses Slavoj Zizek’s book ‘Event’ as a platform from which to hack into philosophy. A hack is someone who is adept in technology and standard methods but is not employed to make marketed products. Yet in another sense, a hack is a repeated application of a specific yet broad algorithmic protocol upon…

  • The covert philosophy is now sound

    Up from the ashes that had been scattered to the winds, the band that had a different name each show, giving its songs to the bands we now know so well -what once was covert is now sound. For you sound philosophers, coming on: The shit has hit. Falling Covers and Other Drops –…