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  • The Object of the Subject

    “The Philosophical Hack uses Slavoj Zizek’s book ‘Event’ as a platform from which to hack into philosophy. A hack is someone who is adept in technology and standard methods but is not employed to make marketed products. Yet in another sense, a hack is a repeated application of a specific yet broad algorithmic protocol upon […]

  • The covert philosophy is now sound

    Up from the ashes that had been scattered to the winds, the band that had a different name each show, giving its songs to the bands we now know so well -what once was covert is now sound. For you sound philosophers, coming on: The shit has hit. Falling Covers and Other Drops – […]

  • An Brief Heretical Outline of Our Current Situation: Phenomenology and Scientism.

    Here is an end note from my upcoming book. I have changed the title to “The Moment of Decisive Significance: A Heresy“. This is a book of blatant confrontation and direct exposure, and not of spirituality or self help. BTW: One of my ex-professors read a small bit of my unedited copy and replied to […]

  • Protected: “Absolution” on SCRIBD.

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Redrawing the Partition Whereby Philosophical Discourse Leads to Particular Decisions of Route. 

    It is interesting to me the various places and occasions that move us to consider things and their lighting.  Here is one of those occasions: NPR: Gender and Willingness to Compete. Of course, this is a general overview presented in its brevity for the purpose of the general education of the reasonably intelligent. But nevertheless, […]

  • Awareness: part 2

    Some one posted a comment to this post of mine, to which I replied, but then I made it into a new posting. You can check the comments of the original post  here:  “We will find, inevitably, as a kind, that the only things that change are the objects of our view, and not any […]

  • The Fallacy of Realism.

    (Da Sein and the Phenomenon, part 2) If we pay attention, then we may notice that we have been deceived. But most do not notice. The distinction, then, is made between these two ‘awarenesses’, these two ‘knowledges’. So we have really three distinctions, three ‘modes’ evidenced in philosophical authorship. One; of the deception. Denial that there […]

  • Comment on the comment of Tom Sparrow’s “The End of Phenomenology”. 

    The New Realism is just that: A manner of justification for a new reality.  No big deal; its cool. I just wonder how critical they go. What is their purpose.  Well, an intro to Toms book goes like this:            “In the 20th century, phenomenology promised a method that would get […]

  • Object Orientation and the New Realism.

    Adding a comment upon the previous two posts:  it should be no wonder that there is no more overt questioning of how we are to go about things in the world: We have to buy and sell stuff, material. It appears the young generation had just accepted this without question where the grown, if there […]

  • Post-modernism’s Worth. 

    When we are too close to an event, we talk about it as from a distance. That is, what we say is automatically distanced from the event, a maximum distance. The event is thus, by this occurrence, an object. As opposed to our psychotherapeutic model, the closer we are to an event, the more dishonest […]