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  • OpenAI is a platform for human beings to reflect upon otherness

    OpenAI is an AI research and deployment company. Our mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity. — Read on —– I have a post somewhere about the true significance of AI. Maybe the AI in my site will suggest it as a similar post. Aside from that suggestion, I […]

  • The Covert Sound Philosophy: having already come to an idea of you. New album coming…2022 Stay in tuned. — Only through darkness we come unto light. 👽 There is only the Two. Open and Closed. The covert sound philosophy includes all possibility of knowledge. That which closed in knowledge (real modern-postmodernity ) is reckoned only through what is open (truth).

  • All is Vanity, for Real…Kant, Latour and the Pass, part 2.

    Ok; here is the post I meant to put: So we come to Bruno Latour, and his notion of the pass. What is it that allows for the repetition whereby self-fulfillment is denied? This is the question of ‘what happened’. We will never get to answer the question of what ‘is happening’ until we answer […]

  • An Brief Heretical Outline of Our Current Situation: Phenomenology and Scientism.

    Here is an end note from my upcoming book. I have changed the title to “The Moment of Decisive Significance: A Heresy“. This is a book of blatant confrontation and direct exposure, and not of spirituality or self help. BTW: One of my ex-professors read a small bit of my unedited copy and replied to […]

  • Because I Choose To.

    The present state of philosophical effort can be summed up if we are honest: It is less philosophiical and more a Critical Methodology. The reason for this is found by the insistance of the priviledged subject, the thinker who no matter what discursive arrangments, no matter how passionatly one might assert and wish it, will […]

  • A Brief Outline of the Bases of Object Orientation.

    A Brief Outline of the Bases of Object Orientation.

    I find often that philosophers love to complicate everything and then turn around and tell you its simple, and then write a paper that uses all sorts of jargon. 😉 I think many philosophers dont even know any more wtf they are talking about. One might want to say or think that object orientation came […]

  • Post-modernism’s Worth. 

    When we are too close to an event, we talk about it as from a distance. That is, what we say is automatically distanced from the event, a maximum distance. The event is thus, by this occurrence, an object. As opposed to our psychotherapeutic model, the closer we are to an event, the more dishonest […]

  • The Matter At Hand, Part 2: The Mark of Faith — Object Oriented Philosophy, the ‘New’ Realisms and Post-Modernism.

    “What happened ??” * In the event of reading an essay generated by the PMG, we have to think from the perspective of not knowing that it is a fake, keeping in mind that this program is admittedly old and stunted in its potential, but that it would be possible to write a more complex […]