The Moment of Decisive Significance: Enlightenment and the Christ Moment

The moment of enlightenment is only initially an awareness of being. After that moment it is an awareness of how so few are aware. The real issue of enlightenment has to do with what comes after.

When we understand Christ in its proper scope, we see that ‘enlightenment’ is the attempt by the individual to uphold and maintain It as a prolonged state of being. The way it is maintained Is through the justification of the offense.

The Christ moment, and the ideal of enlightenment, is a moment of being conscious that when come upon represents a moment of decisive significance.

In this moment, the awesomeness and apprehensive feeling of dread might bring the individual to fall back into its history to thereby join and retain the consistency of what they know and knew to that state of fear and trembling. The coupling of the Christ moment with the fall back (revolt) into the fear of the awesomeness of the tremendous mystery that is come upon in that moment, yields righteousness, what some could call “ego inflation”. Enlightenment is the form of consciousness understanding itself and its view as something that everyone else is supposed to likewise know.

On The other hand, when the Christ moment, it’s awesomeness and the accompanying state of fear and trembling, is come upon in curiosity, then the motion is one of compassion instead of righteousness. For the self, it continues the motion of curiosity and acceptance, but this self is not the primary aim. The motion is into otherness. Difference.

For, instead of understanding how intellectually or ethically wrong and spiritually poor everyone is around, such that they need to be educated into the righteousness of proper knowledge, The Christ moment fades into just one moment in the potential of human consciousness. Enlightenment disappears as some thing that was never to be found. The meaning of awareness changes.

The awareness that remains is not enlightened awareness, neither is it Christ being; rather it is a true human compassion for those people Who have come upon and yet not followed through such a moment.

It is a true understanding of what it is to be human.

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The Existence of Soul

Show me a person who is totally at peace…

…And I’ll show you a person who is either very wealthy, or extremely poor.


I ponder that anyone is really seeking peace. I wonder if that is just a pipe dream that we’ve been fed because our lives have been so tumultuous.

So instead of understanding existence as the truth which is vicissitude and upheaval

We take flight in our ideas and Forever battle against what is apparent.

I think this is what we call Spirituality. A forever attempt to overcome what is true of our existence. We take solace in finding a transcendent nothingness through which we can reflect on to ourselves A distinction.

A pure fantasy of Zizekian dimensions. Posit our “true self” in the vanishing point which ends within us, yet, through the diversion, understand as communion.

We feel that we must keep our agency at all times. I feel that this is what we understand as spirituality. We invest our self in the pure idea that we are not what we appear to be.

What that great irony would be if we gave up on the ideal Of keeping oneself in communion and realized that the universe is always working for our benefit, that at no time was there ever a discrepancy.


How utterly intolerable to think such nonsense.


Photo Credit: Pixabay Spirituality includes our search for meaning, for purpose. It encompasses our connection to a larger consciousness, maybe the …


—- I personally have issues with the idea of Spirituality. My mind, I feel, works more thoroughly, works with doubt. I remain open and doubt those areas of myself that want and or find closure. In all areas and all levels, which I don’t think is the best way for all people. Because most people seek closure. And while I think judging from her my friends that I’m a pretty likable person, my interests and attitudes, I think, feel to them like I am distant. 

I tend to be naturally drawn to discomfort. And I have a certain affinity with courageous conversations that Advocate “experience discomfort” for that is where growth and learning occur.

I think for me philosophy is my spirituality, of the spirit of doubt. And faith in doubt.

Nevertheless, today I’m tripping out and searching through Spirituality posts, and so I reposted a couple. x

’tis the season!