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  • The Philosophical Project Concerning the Mental Health.

    I recently submitted a paper to an academic journal. It was denied. Bummer! It uses, I might call, a three-stage, blind review board who reads and assess the papers, who then recommend the paper, yay or nay. They also provide comments as to why they rejected the paper, which I truly appreciated and take to […]

  • The Moment of Decisive Significance: Enlightenment and the Christ Moment

    The moment of enlightenment is only initially an awareness of being. After that moment it is an awareness of how so few are aware. The real issue of enlightenment has to do with what comes after. When we understand Christ in its proper scope, we see that ‘enlightenment’ is the attempt by the individual to […]

  • The Existence of Soul

    Show me a person who is totally at peace… …And I’ll show you a person who is either very wealthy, or extremely poor. * I ponder that anyone is really seeking peace. I wonder if that is just a pipe dream that we’ve been fed because our lives have been so tumultuous. So instead of […]


    Photo Credit: Pixabay Spirituality includes our search for meaning, for purpose. It encompasses our connection to a larger consciousness, maybe the … SPIRITUALITY: WHAT IS IT? —- I personally have issues with the idea of Spirituality. My mind, I feel, works more thoroughly, works with doubt. I remain open and doubt those areas of myself […]