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  • : Is Your Emotional Wellbeing Related to Your Gut Health? Science proves Nietzsche ??

    Gut bacteria have been linked to positive emotions, such as happiness and hopefulness, and good emotion management skills. Researchers have discovered that people who suppress their emotions have a less diverse gut microbiome, while people who report happier emotions have lower levels of certain bacterium. — Read on

  • :: AI makes non-invasive mind-reading possible by turning thoughts into text

    Advance raises prospect of new ways to restore speech in those struggling to communicate due to stroke or motor neurone disease — Read on

  • Mental Health is not the same as Physical Health

    Hazaah! Here is an article that, in a way, reiterates a major problem of the mental health industry: it is oriented on the medical model of health. But more specifically, on the notion that physical health and mental health must be connected in a hierarchical manner where what is physical is foundational and thus primary…

  • Mentally Sick or Not—(Bio)Markers of Psychiatric Disorders Needed

    Mentally Sick or Not—(Bio)Markers of Psychiatric Disorders Needed — Read on —Do you know, or you do believe? basically: the people that are convincing us there are have no clue as to biological markers, nor why psychiatric medicines work or even if they “cure” as disorder.

  • Scientists Create Shapeshifting Humanoid Robot That Can Liquefy And Reform : ScienceAlert

    Scientists have made a breakthrough in robotics: a shapeshifting robot that can switch between liquid and metal states to navigate tricky environments without compromising on strength. — Read on —- w. T. F. I think it’s time for me to go… 👽

  • the sensible meeting of classical and quantum physics

    Discovering the source of the illusion. Everything is Maya ——- I am skeptical of reducing highly complex mathematical explanations to regular semantic explanations for reality. For one, as any good physicist will tell you, the transcription of these quantum, math-heavy formula into picturesque metaphors are exactly that: they are extremely over-simplified semantic derivations. In fact,…

  • The Philosophical Project Concerning the Mental Health.

    I recently submitted a paper to an academic journal. It was denied. Bummer! It uses, I might call, a three-stage, blind review board who reads and assess the papers, who then recommend the paper, yay or nay. They also provide comments as to why they rejected the paper, which I truly appreciated and take to…

  • Rp Insects can have similar effects on atmospheric electricity as weather events, say researchers

    Image credit: Even a world-famous naturalist was baffled by the ‘aeronaut spiders’ appearing from nowhere on his ocean-going ship. … Insects can have similar effects on atmospheric electricity as weather events, say researchers

  • Mental Health; does it have anything to do with a PSYCHE ?

    I have been a counselor now for some short sliver of time approaching a year. I am a counselor, but I also say I am a therapist, I also qualify as a clinician, but as well a psychotherapist. The name I use to reference what I do or what my clients might be involved with…

  • Rp The Functioning Dictatorship “When you are desperate, you will take any advice from someone who says they can help. When you begin to think, though, desperation often stays away, and help arrives in a different form. However, most people do not want to think, and what they understand as thinking is more like living unconsciously. Thier ideas…