Adventures in Camp Prisoney Land: I am a Vanilla Latte Princess with a Seaweed Spine, by Catherine LaFleur

There is magic in the air at Camp Prisoney Land. The happiest prison on earth contains an aura brought on by Art Spring, a charity serving …

Adventures in Camp Prisoney Land: I am a Vanilla Latte Princess with a Seaweed Spine, by Catherine LaFleur

——— A wonderful juxtaposition.


It would be interesting to see which of the two media, papyrus or digital files, will have had a higher survival rate. Both writing supports suffer …


——-Maybe one day we will start referring to “shortgevity” with reference to how much text we know we have have lost by that time.

….And then how about that mythical discursive phenomenon which might occur when we have just too much taxed for possibly any group of human beings to process within a knowable period of life?

A Match Made in Heaven

I’m sure you’ve heard how everyone wants to meet their “soulmate“ and live happily ever after…

… i’m pretty sure what your soulmate actually is, is someone who is equally as fucked up as you are. 😁

Then also, I’m thinking the reason why people celebrate couples who have been together an extremely long time is because it takes a lot of effort to get along with someone who’s not fucked up like you are fucked up.

I mean why would we celebrate anything that was easy? If someone has like a 30th wedding anniversary, or 50 years?? Damn. That is called commitment, for real!

… and then how about birthdays? Do you think we’re really celebrating the autonomic biological organism that lasts that long? Hell no! We’re celebrating a person that has had to put up with this bullshit Called the world for however long. 🌹

… And, if you philosophers are so interested. You could go back about three or four years—maybe 5 or 6– in my posts and look for my little blurb about love…

Thought for today.


I think I’m gonna call my counseling business, you know, when I become a professional counselor:


Either that, or the first name for my business that I came up was more along the fantasy line, which I think will be much more appealing actually the people who want to get better:


I’ll just talk with the client, and her and I will just make up shit. Will just make up a fantasy world where everything is perfect. We will just brainstorm her own theory of mental health together, and the person will get better!!

I mean, all the other mental health theories are just purely arbitrary fantasies anyways…aren’t they??

It’s going to be great!

Seriously though. I love mental health. I love being involved in this world.

(don’t tell anyone, though, about my genius ideas for business names. Please. Those are some good names and I don’t want anyone to take them. Never mind, I just omitted them from the post. You get to guess!

The Ubiquitous drug of modernity.

Our first and most obvious craving was for sugar. You don’t realize that sugar is really just a low-level cocaine addiction until you don’t have it …

Knowing your addictions…

——— most people do not think about it. But when you do, you must have some sort of sinking feeling in your stomach. Then also to realize that World War II was fueled by amphetamine. The allied troops were given amphetamine as part of their rations for the field, and Adolf Hitler as well known to have taken amphetamine shots intravenous weigh every day. One begins to ask oneself just what freedom is and what allows for it in our modern era. 

Sugar. Slaves. Capitalism. Money. Drugs.


To be conscious is to recognize the elements which constitute our own being.