Here is a human being in his natural habitat. Boxed in with technology. Happy. Having fun. Communicating through his little technology instrument. Through his technology window. Oblivious and content in his expertise.

Literally; when religious people say we are “children” of God, they are being more honest about what most of humanity actually are. For most people just want to be simple minds, playing in the sand: unconscious.

Yes. Most people. Mostly everyone. Just look around.

The perfect picture example of the trans human we live in and around now. In Reality. Not as mere theroetical proposals. There is not a common humanity; there is human beings who are really trans-humans. And then there are other people. We don’t really know what to call these other people becuase then the trans-humans will get offended. Lol. 🧑🏾‍🚀

Contrast and compare to the musician from the late 60’s in the previous post to this vid. Even listen to how they speak.


When robots and AI dominate they refer to thier humanity. Not having replaced us, just being us.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself: Take care of our own. They need help.


Sometimes I feel there are just too many people. And that numbers can amount to a sort of ignorance that the idea of intelligence just cannot account for or educate. Politics then falls outside of mere rationality.

These Trump supporters may be victims of merely being in an environment where they don’t see difference or encounter anyone who thinks differently than themselves. And have little ability to reflect on experience outside their own. Basically, blind and desperately seeking.

Can’t we just lose gracefully? When Trump won, did the other side claim voter fraud and March to Washington saying “it doesn’t add up”? We want honesty ? No. They said “well give him a chance Becuase that’s what America process decided.

I wonder if these people just feel excluded. Have little recourse to a true global identity and feel left out. ? They thus recourse to the only thing they know: Conspiracy and religious belief.

Hmm. It’s really is kind of sad. Somehow, We need to support these people in ther person, to feel empowered and not dumb or stupid.

Maybe. ??

Truth? Honesty? It appears the “post truth” President has a following of people who want honesty, but they are unable to have a criteria which meets those standards unless they win.

That seems dangerous..

We need to take care of our own, and these people are Americans.

Less a political crisis, and more a mental health crisis/ spiritual crisis:

They are scared.

Ignorance breeds hate.

….. OR… these people are just sore losers and whiners.  😜

Us versus Them

A game of children from grade school played by people who happen to keep living but never grow up.

Similar to name calling.

And “cooties”.

we had a game of cooties where we’d take milkweed sap, and it was “glue”, and when we’d catch the girls we’d “glue” (or them us) them to the fence or the tree like jail. But you could, if your tries real hard, pull you self away and run around again.

So cute. The Republicans name calling again. 💜 oh those adults who never grew up or just so cute! Trump is this a big cutie pie!! 

What was one of the games you played out at recess when you were seven years old? WA