The Philosopher.

The philosopher is like an arrow cutting through the air. or rather –   A snake slicing along the surface of a river. The truth calls the philosopher. But until it is found, she is like a pebble thrown into the water. The wakes echoing forth, back and away in all directions, her presence the […]

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Oh Lord don’t you keep me down, Don’t you push me down to the ground. Let me ride upon the waves of life, Let me glide over the mountains of the earth. Bring me up to the sky. I did so much for you. You did so much for me. Can’t you see me Digging […]

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Post-modernism’s Worth. 

When we are too close to an event, we talk about it as from a distance. That is, what we say is automatically distanced from the event, a maximum distance. The event is thus, by this occurrence, an object. As opposed to our psychotherapeutic model, the closer we are to an event, the more dishonest […]

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The Impossible. Part 1; If/Then.

The impossible can be discovered along many significant vectors of reality as limit. The particular discussion that contains or otherwise accounts for the various vectorial meanings is ironic; it is the event that begins the count, that can be said to to be a basis upon which a linking of meaningful terms is made that […]

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