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  • The truth and the reality of psychedelic mental health treatment —- I have added some more, read on !! At first glance, think Brave New World. Often in the context of psychedelics we hear calls to include indigenous and marginalized cultural considerations in the historical and traditional use of psychedelic substances. While I agree with this sentiment, I am not sure it fully grasps […]

  • Thinking Religion Through Things, but not really.

    “In recent years, the “material turn” has gained prominence in the humanities and social sciences, and it has also stimulated a shift toward a rediscovery of materiality in the scientific study of religion\s. The material turn aims to dissolve…” — Read on —— I am on and, as you may know, it sends […]

  • The Object of the Subject

    “The Philosophical Hack uses Slavoj Zizek’s book ‘Event’ as a platform from which to hack into philosophy. A hack is someone who is adept in technology and standard methods but is not employed to make marketed products. Yet in another sense, a hack is a repeated application of a specific yet broad algorithmic protocol upon […]

  • The Covert Sound Philosophy: having already come to an idea of you. New album coming…2022 Stay in tuned. — Only through darkness we come unto light. 👽 There is only the Two. Open and Closed. The covert sound philosophy includes all possibility of knowledge. That which closed in knowledge (real modern-postmodernity ) is reckoned only through what is open (truth).

  • The Moment of Decisive Significance: Enlightenment and the Christ Moment

    The moment of enlightenment is only initially an awareness of being. After that moment it is an awareness of how so few are aware. The real issue of enlightenment has to do with what comes after. When we understand Christ in its proper scope, we see that ‘enlightenment’ is the attempt by the individual to […]

  • Object Orientation, Tool Being, and Kierkegaard–Tool-Being-and-Kierkegaard-eutue1 The Object of the Subject

  • Arte y objetos

    The Spanish translation of Art and Objects has been published in Madrid, HERE. Arte y objetos

  • What is a Philosophical Hack?

    What is a Philosophical Hack? The answer is quite philosophical. 🙂 But in this philosophy a number of things are challenged which then indicate that the hack must arrive from an aspect or element that exists which is not philosophical.  This is a sort of truism: A thing cannot be in relation to another thing […]

  • Orientation, Tensions, and A Series of Footnotes to Plato.

    “A Series of Footnotes to Plato” — Read on Thanks Professor Harman. This is been crossing my mind recently also, or at least similarly. I have stated here and there that my concern is orientation upon objects, And I think sometimes people might mistake me being a sort of Graham Harman congregant. I […]

  • An Attempt at Discussing Some ‘Disparities’: Terrorism, Religion, Truth and Belief.

    Taking a cue from Amorinblog, I am making an attempt to speak to the notion of disparities. Lets see how is goes.   What is terrorism? When we think about the activities of terrorism, a marginal view might situate terrorism in terms of truth. What we have with the possibility of terrorism is a function […]