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A Brief Outline of the Bases of Object Orientation.

I find often that philosophers love to complicate everything and then turn around and tell you its simple, and then write a paper that uses all sorts of jargon. 😉 I think many philosophers dont even know any more wtf they are talking about. One might want to say or think that object orientation came… Continue reading A Brief Outline of the Bases of Object Orientation.

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Awareness: part 2

Some one posted a comment to this post of mine, to which I replied, but then I made it into a new posting. You can check the comments of the original post  here:  “We will find, inevitably, as a kind, that the only things that change are the objects of our view, and not any… Continue reading Awareness: part 2

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the Divergent Proposal.

The other week I read a post that I believe was by Donna Haraway ( I could ne wrong) that was addressing something to the effect that was “the cresting and crashing of the Speculative Realism wave”, and again I was left in an odd sort of state. I don’t remember just what exactly her… Continue reading the Divergent Proposal.