Hey Now ! the history of the straitjacket | lots of words — and chemical restraints

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—- Now we use chemical restraints.

These are powerful sedatives and antipsychotics.

If any of you have seen the adverts for Zyprexa, a highly promoted psychiatric medicine, it is one of the tools used not only for therapeutic management of acute psychotic spectrum disorders, but also chemical restraint.

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Back in the day: “Don’t hate the media; become the media”*…


The annals of punk, the subculture as much as the genre– @internetarchive has digitized and made the full run available: “Punk Planet Archive”

“Don’t hate the media; become the media”*…

So great!

…. and of course we can attribute the ridiculous band from the 90s, Blink 182, To firmly establishing punk rock as a melodramatic high school music genre. 😆 …And even though Park rock used to be a generalized artistic expression more than just a brand of hard rock, We can also blame Blink-182 and their likes as reducing all forms of hard rock to merely another form of pop music.

Yes blink-182 is an embarrassment to music and art.

but don’t ask me how I feel. lol. 😜

Survival show and More

The farther one goes back in history, the more intense the question of record survival becomes. The farther away we look, the dimmer things get, not …

Survival show

—— Our view is partial, yet always receding in one way or another.

I ponder if indeed there is a correlate linear idea of human kmowldege and ability which fades the further back in time we go becuase we indeed are progressing in knowldge, or if our idea of this progression is due to a loss of records and an inability to get to the ones we have, or, if we simply are inable to hold a larger capcity than that which we see as historically fading.

Perhaps we are only able to hold a certain amount of knowldge in conceptual organiztion whether it be personal or social or ideoligical.

The physical doorstop

“Is Light Fundamentally A Wave Or A Particle?”: the history and the results of John Wheeler’s famous “delayed choice” experiments
(Plus- alchemy, …

“The ‘paradox’ is only a conflict between reality and your feeling of what reality ‘ought to be’”*…

—– love it!

just a side commentary:

I feel like the solution to all these issues of physics, and probably philosophy alike, is already found.

I’ve asked a couple of my engineering friends, one who is actually an astrophysicist, and indeed I’ve heard it many times in many places, physicist and mathematician’s agree:

There is no such thing as time From a physical standpoint. And then from a philosophical standpoint, there is only time to the extent that it must be involved in phenomenal philosophy. But then we could also say just from a standpoint of actual reality, never minding the physics argument or the philosophical argument, that whether or not time actually exists or does not, regardless of what the scientists want to talk about time, and as well regardless of what the philosophers would wanna argue about: Their discussions go so little to affect my daily activity, it is as though the discussion about what time is is utterly moot at the same time Omni present. It is a discussion of absudity. It is a discussion of the emperors new clothing.

But back to physics: Time is merely a placeholder, it is merely a variable in formulas, in mathematical equations. It has no presence, it has no objective reality. It is utterly a “0” for lack of a better term, A void, an emptiness, doorstop, by which all the rest of the formulas of physics, classical and quantum alike, find their bearings.

Take that conceptual doorstop away, the world does not end. Only a particular manner of perceiving ends. Humanity goes on, progressing as it always has. But under a different ‘universal religion’.

Or, while we perpetuate that metaphysical-physical space, time becomes God, the actual God, at once immanent as well as absolutely transcendent.

If we can come to terms with that….

But ‘we’ never do.



Up In Smoke: Vintage Cigarette Ads | Love Hate Advertising

Do you inhale? A whole series could be written on Leo Burnett’s iconic Marlboro campaign alone, but for now let’s just take a few puffs and savor a sampling of tobacco campaigns of yore. Alternately poignant and pathetic, cool and comical, they’re like a window back in time. Back when smoking was KOOL.
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—— Ahhh. Progress.