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  • The Covert Sound Philosophy: having already come to an idea of you. New album coming…2022 Stay in tuned. — Only through darkness we come unto light. πŸ‘½ There is only the Two. Open and Closed. The covert sound philosophy includes all possibility of knowledge. That which closed in knowledge (real modern-postmodernity ) is reckoned only through what is open (truth).

  • A Comment on Ontological Equivocation and the Possibility of Plurality.

    The thought of Plurality came to be right now in coming across Graham Harman’s plug for a couple new Object Oriented books.Β In particular, the ideas of Tristan Garcia, the “Life Intense”. Now, I have not read hardly anything of Tristan; what I have read sort of left me pondering. Now, I just read the summary […]

  • Ray Brassier Social Philosophy.

    the REPOST first : Originally posted on >ect podcast: >ect explores why philosophers are compelled to try to understand the social reality of which philosophy is a part β€œTo really distinguish the ideal and the real is to understand how they are distinguished in practice, and not in thought – in what we do, […]

  • Analogue vs Digital Philosophy.

    Sound and Philosophy. I am a music producer so I have some knowledge about sound and signal. If you are interested in what sound processing entails as a block of concepts, I imagine I might do a little bit on sound and philosophy in a post later. Or you could look on line. But here’s […]

  • Anslem’s Argument for the Proof of the Existence of God, the Disruption of Time, and the Categorization of Philosophical Behavior.

    I seem to have found a significance for Anslem’s proof. It may be that it is not significance for whether God might exist, but, as I have said, significance for how I present ideas. We will start with the rendition from Princeton’s site. I think they have a pretty good rendition there. Without all the strict logical […]

  • Crash Space and the Move to a ‘Science’ (of the Subject): To Ping or Not to Ping, Phenomenology and Observer Effects. REPOST

      THREE POUND BRAIN Im finding has got some cool observations, often a manner of approach that seems insightful. In the discussion of a philosophical scientism, the post below appears to me to indicate more a datum, a kind of data point, over a semantic content. If we hold to the idea that indeed we […]

  • A Brief Outline of the Bases of Object Orientation.

    A Brief Outline of the Bases of Object Orientation.

    I find often that philosophers love to complicate everything and then turn around and tell you its simple, and then write a paper that uses all sorts of jargon. πŸ˜‰ I think many philosophers dont even know any more wtf they are talking about. One might want to say or think that object orientation came […]

  • Time is Longer That We Think..

    If we think there was a post-modern era, and now we are in a another era, think again. While I have my difficulties with Bryant, he at least appears to engage with ideas and text in a manner that defies ‘temporal eras’. So again we have a further evidence of the need for a bifurcation, […]

  • The Modern of Post Modernism; The Anthropocene, Object Orientation and the Possibility of Ground.

      I feel it is time to clear the air; the smoke of post-modernism still seems to linger. It is time we come to terms with what Post-Modernism means, what it meant, what it is. There is no debate in this; any debate that would uphold a sort of PM catch-all has missed the issue. […]

  • Love’s Kitchen and the Parallax View.

    I guess this is the closest type of embed I can find. While it seems somewhat contrary to have all my theoretical/critical posts and essays and then post these songs, such as the one below, the point will be similar to how Harman talks about Lovecraft, or Miellassoux uses Mallarme, or Hiedegger brings in Holderlin. […]