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  • Rp: The Evolution of Biblical Criticism

    As a former grad student in theology, the history of theological education can be broken up into two genres: theology (as a philosophic-intellectual … The Evolution of Biblical Criticism

  • The New Christianity: Theological “Strawmen” and The deeper look into the Psychologist who shall not be named.

    I think this will be the last energy I spend on JP. The less energy given toward his name the better, I think. But one last thing… I think we can have little more doubt that JP is supplying a new philosophical ground for Christianity; indeed, I might say that he is a theological philosopher. […]

  • They’ve done it again: another embarrassing moment for the skeptic movement

    They’ve done it again: another embarrassing moment for the skeptic movement — Read on

  • The Non-Philosophy of Francois Laruelle.

    From the Philosophical Hack (out soon): Laruelle’s is the ‘best’ conventional proof of what cannot be proven through the conventional method. I have already spoken about the distinction between Laruelle’s and my terms. Laruelle distinguishes his project by asserting a positive withdraw in reference to the real common occurrence of philosophy, to call his Non-philosophy […]

  • The Zizekian Horror of Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” has

    The Zizekian Horror of Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” — Read on I might add another twist. The emancipatory narrative that accompanies a critique in the sense of some sort of ethical compromise or the “Hidden meaning” underneath the overt presentation of plotline and set, Can itself be seen as a posture which wants […]

  • Repost:One and Two: Politics, Governance, and Antagonism; and comment. 

    First the repost:  Perhaps it could be said that politics is that which occurs at that precise moment that we learn to count to Two.  If this were the case, then it would follow that not everything is political.  Everything can become political, but politics is something is something that must be made to be.  […]

  • What some philosophers sound like. 

    What some philosophers sound like. 

    You know, for the most part, philosophy is pretty damn boring. I think that’s why most people don’t read it or like it. But then there is a certain type of intellectual who likes the puzzle part of philosophy; they like the creativity , to watch the eloquence of problem solving, the twists and knots […]

  • Comment on the comment of Tom Sparrow’s “The End of Phenomenology”. 

    The New Realism is just that: A manner of justification for a new reality.  No big deal; its cool. I just wonder how critical they go. What is their purpose.  Well, an intro to Toms book goes like this:            “In the 20th century, phenomenology promised a method that would get […]

  • Post-modernism’s Worth. 

    When we are too close to an event, we talk about it as from a distance. That is, what we say is automatically distanced from the event, a maximum distance. The event is thus, by this occurrence, an object. As opposed to our psychotherapeutic model, the closer we are to an event, the more dishonest […]

  • Repost: A little bit on Object Ontology.

    Nonsense! Ridiculousness! The usual suspects rage. So now we need to try and reel it in. If the fish has been snagged by the line, then we need to start to bring it back away from the fish of mere ideas, back from objectival discourse that sees authors and their ideas as True Things to […]