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  • Fire In the Dark Having a great time with this album today! If you like power (full) music, (no bs filled with power, lol). check it out. Suggestion: Bluetooth it to your car and CRANK IT!! 😎😋 This album had been circulating for some years as singles, some of them on tape !! At that. Only recently did…

  • Give Me the Night

  • Tragedy

  • Be In Love

  • CSP on You Tube.

    C.S.P. on You Tube. who’da thunk it.   wow. This is so cool! (Shhhh.!  dont ruin it. )

  • Good Shit: C.S.P.

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  • CLAUSAL PROOF has arrived!

    BUY clausal proof HERE. (Or I can send you the whole album if you get on our email list. Send me an email ! ) Read an outtake from the podcast interview: C.S.P. is Doing it again… Interview with Lance K.

  • CLAUSAL PROOF: Download the single “The Badlands” off the new C.S.P. album.

    Download the new single byThe Covert Sound Philosophy. (Did I ever tell you how I absolutely hate the internet?) THE BADLANDS free downoad “Clausal Proof” out soon !

  • The Badlands (single 2017)

    The Covert Sound Philosophy. It is Covert: It is not readily available to view. But, once it is viewed, then the Philosophy becomes obviously Sound. It is a Covert Sound Philosophy. It is a covert philosophy It is a sound philosophy It is a philosophy that arrives in sound, that is music, underneath what is…

  • Some Philosophical Space. 

    Some musical space to perhaps bring you out of the theoretical limitation of ideas.