Art Project: Naked Tree

I was just walking up on this tree beside the path:

Well, it wasn’t this tree it was a tree about 100 yards back that is growing on the side of this ditch-canal that runs along this path. One can see where the above ground tree that we’re all familiar with is coming out of the ground but you can also see the root system, what usually would be underground but for the exposure of the beginning of the root system from where the water has washed away the dirt.

And I just had a picture in my mind of the whole tree.

roots and all.

I’ve seen many drawings or stylized artist renditions, such as this one

but, wouldn’t it be something if we could have an actual living very large tree with roots and all that we could see?

I don’t know if you can get the scale of that tree in the picture, but I would guess it’s got to be at least 80 feet tall, maybe more. I don’t know how many meters that is if you’re reading this and you’re in any place else besides the United States. 🙂

I was thinking of hydroponics. At first I was thinking of somehow digging up the whole tree, with the whole root system uninterrupted and unbroken, and then somehow spray it with lacquer or something and so you have this giant tree art object. But then A better idea came into mind. I was thinking what if someone could make a giant aquarium like the kind with the big windows that you go to and you can be under the water and watch the sharks in the manta rays swim by such as at the Monterey Bay aquarium.

Maybe someone who is very wealthy or Is an artist that has a lot of resources could build this huge clear tank of water and dig up unblemished and undiminished one of these large trees and have it be grown then hydroponically. Then everyone could see how vast and significant these creatures really are.

Pass it on!!

Maybe someone you know, or someone you know who knows someone who knows someone might be the perfect person to undertake such a project. 

Oh damn!

Here’s some kick ass pictures of tonight’s evening sky.

Heart On A Sleeve



Put some iron on the wound.

The smell of blood will surely put you through

The pain from the stain that’s been festering in you.


Do you wonder which parts are true?


Melancholy smiles of the blackest blues

That play the heart strings a rapturous tune.


Or the simple pleasures that bring the crisis to bloom.


Or the way that you see others smiling and free

Come together and just be.


…the musings of a fool.


Roll away, roll away the dew.

This god-damned romance is just covering you

Just like the heartache when your lover comes unglued

Worked and jaded from the line you drew



To come around.



Come around.

Wade to this side of the pool.

Come around

to the deep side of the fool.


Honestly, have you ever loved anyone deeper

That the one you loved before?

Have you never wanted more

Than to love the one that you adore?


Will there ever be a reprieve?

Wearing your heart on a sleeve.


Is there a false from a true?

Is there a me and a you?


These are the questions you surely go through.

Not to mention the pain

Once again –


Would you like a little salt on the wound?

Maybe a little deeper

Maybe some more room

To squirm and to thrash in the deepening ash

That fills the hole in your tormenting soul.

That spills onto everyone you know

Waiting to come around…


Just one flick of the tongue.

Makes you feel like you’re young again.

Just one finger in the hole.

It comes up stripped down to the bone.

Then you’re reminded of when you’re alone

Never minding who is there or how you’ve grown

Or how unselfishly they’ve invested all their energy

For you –


Only human is the musings of a fool.


One step forward two steps back.

Never quite knowing where your love is at.

Blindly reaching for a heart attack.




2008/2019 Lance A. Kair



Image courtesy of S Lynn Knight🎈 “heart on a sleeve”.x