Pixilated Reality

A Freind made an interesting comment:

Media is about what sells, not what is real or true.

He said, the information one gets from any media is like one line of pixels of the whole screen.

And, even if I were to watch you tube information videos 24 hours a day, I still would have only maybe 1% —if that! — of information of reality, Meaning, what your life is, not what the “world” is doing.

But even if I think of the information as concerning the reality of the rest of the world, still, the information I am basing my ideas and opinion on is such a minuscule portion of the actual information and data that I could have access to through not paying attention to media, if I come to any solid opinion on reality from watching media that leads me to act, I would have to admit I have some sort of mental defect by virtue of my behavior.


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