Microsoft Brings OpenAI Chatbot to Outlook, PowerPoint and Word.

Word, PowerPoint and Outlook emails will get new AI assistants called Copilots
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—- I must be getting old and irrelevant.

There is nearly nothing about AI technology that excites me anymore. Its really just boring sameness, computers doing the same thing, with more of it, over and over. Whatever they proclaim as new in the tech, AI world, is just computers doing the same thing that they’re doing. There’s more bright colors, there’s higher resolution, there’s a quicker processing. To my mind just goes: who is caring?

The people who are excited about AI are not really stupid. I know they can often show signs of intelligence and that really they are just being regular, unreflecting human beings doing human being stuff. And that’s ok to be human puppy dogs.


I’m already wondering, how can I opt out of the AI in my word office programs.

Seriously. It feels like something that’s being imposed upon me, that I don’t care about, is not useful outside of workplace bureaucracy, and that is really making the world a much worse place.

I mean, unless we’re going to Mars ! 😄. Hey, AI would be good for going to Mars.







One response to “Microsoft Brings OpenAI Chatbot to Outlook, PowerPoint and Word.”

  1. Jon Awbrey Avatar

    Today’s Acronym ☞ YASSSSFYCO

    Yet Another Self-Serving Surveillance “Service” From Your Corporate Overlords

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