Another “Death” of Philosophy ?

—— Here is an amazing iteration of what I feel is the contemporary issue of understanding anything that we call ‘critical’. Yes, people love to conflate philosophy with critical theory, and indeed somewhere in my blog here I’m pretty sure I have a couple of posts and some discussions about the difference between philosophy and critical theory.

However, I feel that this guy’s paper really gets into the problem that we confront even when we begin to think about what the difference might be between Philosophy. and critical theory.

(I think this “paper“ is actually more a book. It is 123 pages. That sounds to me more like a book.)

But whatever we call it, I really dig it. I am posting the link to it because I feel that many of my readers might appreciate it. It does seem though that it’s a paper elaborating and disseminating the work of Jürgen Habermas, But I can’t be totally sure because, like I said, I only read pieces of it.

And if you’re unfamiliar with Harbour Master, maybe it would be easier to read this guy’s paper then to read his extended works on modernity.


I read extremely slowly. Presently, I think I have, I don’t know, six books not to mention the adding pile of essays that I keep collecting (lol) that I’m reading right now and trying to get through. So, I only read parts of this 123 pages. But it was enough to allow me to see that he’s got something significant that he’s talking about.

Sorry for my admittedly layman and non-academic approach to discussing this paper.

Enjoy and lament !


…And I dig Habermas.






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