Rp and comment on How Might This War End?

Thomas Friedman is a political commentator and author whose work I have shared before. He is a three-time Pulitzer Prize winner who has written …

How Might This War End?

—– Prepare for nuclear winter.

It seems to me that Putin’s Russia is the last frontier of “old thinking”. It’s like his mentality is 100 years old.

My question is, why would anyone not want to kick it and relax and raise a family, and pursue happiness, and watch TV and have cell phones, go skiing, surf or whatever, and play video games etc. ?

Sure, there’s a lot of social issues to face, but ultimately, I think every sane human being just wants to kick it and raise their family and generally try to have a good time.


In our global world which is generally united by technology, how can anyone deny that that has come about through everyone just trying to do what fulfills them in life.

Maybe I’m diluted. But honestly…


Someone is purposly starting to war to unite a group of people??

That has gotta be based in some sort of mental illness, lol,
and I really think we need to come to terms with what insanity actually looks like.








One response to “Rp and comment on How Might This War End?”

  1. butimbeautiful Avatar

    Totally true. The number of people who want war, ever, is low. But somehow they push the rest of us into it.


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