Narcissist Putin Puts Nuclear Forces On High Alert Amidst Paranoid Delusion

Ukraine’s delegation arrived on the border with Belarus for scheduled talks with Russia, as Western sanctions put pressure on the country’s economy.
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—- The explanatory power of mental health can no longer be set aside. Or, it can only be denied.

When the narcissist’s world begins to be challenged, he will up the stakes and go all in, because that is what is actually happening to his gaslit world: it is actually being attacked by those powers that he has been attempting to control.

His identity, thus his world — since that equation is what constitutes narcissism — sees his death on the horizon and begins to behave frantically and out of fear. But he does not know it as fear, again, because ignorance of others’ right to Be is also part of narcissism.xx





4 responses to “Narcissist Putin Puts Nuclear Forces On High Alert Amidst Paranoid Delusion”

  1. randomraindrops Avatar

    Stop buying his oil. Oh! You cannot stop. Hypocrite.


    1. landzek Avatar

      We’re doomed ! 😨
      🤗The issue is small minded people, not global trade. We all live in reality. Putin wants to live in his tiny world where he lives out his pathological fantasy.

      That’s why, as my other posts, mental health has the greatest explanatory power at this time.

      The question is not whether we live our lives as we do. It is are we going to allow insane people to have such vast power to screw with everyone else’s lives ?

      This issue with Put


    2. landzek Avatar

      …America companies might be buys Russian oil. But I am buying American gas. And I think I filled up before this nonsense started anyways. 🤷🏽‍♂️


    3. landzek Avatar

      I think we should have attacked Moscow. When he was all occupied with Ukraine. ✊🏾


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