Rp and Comment on Rising seas, raising awareness, the present changing climate

Did the world leaders cop out at COP26? Did they make progress? Too little, too late? A step in the right direction? I have very mixed feelings this …

Rising seas, raising awareness

The relationship between Climate Change, people’s feelings and ideas about it often beg me to ask just what is the climate that is changing?

Or maybe more particularly:

How am I able to dismiss myself from the changing climate to have an opinion upon it such that the climate of my opinion and feelings occupy a sphere separeated from the “real objective” climate?

What exactly was the climate summit addressing?

What is the climate evidencing when such philosophical questions yield a response that the philosophical ponderings of the situation are not dealing with the actual problem of climate change, but are moving attentions off of or otherwise working to deny the importance of climate change in our human lives?



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