Philosophy and Blogs

I’ve noticed much fewer posts specifically about philosophy.

I wonder if it is because they are all switching over to academia EDU and riding their big essays.

Security is Being Insecure

I am always in the middle. I am so in the middle that my opinion is middle mess. It is not equivocation, or that I have no opinion, or that I see both sides. Rather, it is that my opinion is middle. it is not black or white; it is black and white. It is not gray, it is not unknown or vagueness. It is and.

Confronting Myopic Thinking

I say this with reference to how I see the point of my work.

My true pondering about why I see fewer and fewer actual Philosophy posts is that I feel that somehow in other peoples eyes I may have stepped from philosophy into spirituality. And so the people who consider themselves philosophers, naturally feel that kind of switch or that kind of becoming something that is not strictly ideological philosophy, and so they move away.

On the other hand, when I say that I am not spiritual in any sense, then the people who identify more with spirituality don’t really want to read my what I have to say.

C; I am the middle.

I am not Philosophy. And I am not Spirituality. I feel that both of these ways of looking at oneself in the world are inherently ideological. And here I get into my two routes that I am putting everywhere in all my essays and blog posts.

I’m not suggesting that people should not be ideological or that being ideological is some sort of bad thing. I am saying that we must deal with ideology at all times. However, this is where the notion of…

orientation… arises…

….I utterly hate this word press block editor crap…

I give up.







3 responses to “Philosophy and Blogs”

  1. peNdantry Avatar

    ….I utterly hate this word press block editor crap…

    You’re in good company.

    […]why I see less and less actual Philosophy posts […]

    I think you mean ‘fewer and fewer’. Sorry for the pedantry.


  2. Hesiod Avatar

    “I wonder if it is because they are all switching over to academia EDU and riding their big essays.”

    Yes. But there is greater freedom outside of the academy!


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