Existentialism as an internal material description of the subject

Subjective experience only arises in context. This means that there is no subject which pervades any particular instance.

All meaning is containment, and a meaning that is open, is contained by virtue of the fact that we must call it “open”.

The end result of this process of believing in an opening which in itself is closed, is the object itself.

The process itself, as an ongoing informative state, is what we know as existential angst.

The process is not an end onto itself, but is indeed a becoming, and indicates by the notice of what has ended, merely one route into being.

Itself indicating being, but not being,

As Kierkegaard noted in his “the sickness into death“,

In despair to will to be oneself.

The evidence is the knowing of this, the ability to know of this situation. If the evidence is indeed taken as evidence of some thing that arises in the universe, that is, as opposed to merely and folding it self back into the ongoing desperate process, then we can begin to understand that objects in themselves arise in the universe in this way. As an object in the process of angst, the process of the human being unable to reckon itself truly in a universe that arises in actuality, the object that becomes is one of a theological faith, subjective phenomenology, and eternal problem.

Existentialism is thus a process of the attempt to find existence, but that if not encountering existence in-itself. The finding of the object in itself, arising in the universe as such, is the object of Existentialism reckoned as a faith.

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