Reposting and comment on The power of sunset.

Photo by Anand Dandekar on It is always here transiting from day to night. Sunset is that time of the day where confusion is here. The day…

The power of sunset.

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Yes and…funny; my anxiety comes with the dawn. In the sunset I find peace and a willingness of having achived.

Yet I can understand why someone would pose the transitions of light and dark, Day and night, in this way. Human beings generally do not like silence. Especially in our current society, even as we might decry and mourn and drag all the catastrophes happening all over the world, in our hometowns, most actually likely thrive on it.

What would we do if there wasn’t all this chaos and Mayham going on?

Who would we be? What purpose would we have if there wasn’t a problem facing us at every turn?

It is the insistence and reification of problem as the way into Being.

By this term, Philosophy. is a mode of production, it is a Marxist analysis, a dialectical materialism, that we never avoid so long as we are understanding problem as the basic part of our nature.

Of course the sun going down, the day ending, death, would be anxiety producing for a person that finds itself in eternal problem.

And then by Contrast, the other side of this modern deistic, theological cosmology, is the imagery of the Bible. How many old testament images, and indeed the book of revelation is based on the same type of dichotomy, this ontological polemic, of someone seeing heaven where there are myriads of angels just proclaiming his name over and over again. Transcendence as ultimate peace. God as the beginning and the end. What could be more justifying to an individual that finds its self, being, and identity in the light of the eternal problems of the world?

Yet there is a different way into being….

And this is really what I’m talking about in my blog.

Not so much that we need to solve the problem. And not so much that we need to get rid of the problem, As in problem is being. Rather, I am most interested in the threshold, the boundary, that space where in we find ourselves at the conjunction between problem and peace.x






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