Reposting FREE E-BOOK: I AM, therefore I think

Here’s an opportunity to get a free E-book on the topic of Presuppositional Apologetics! This is an e-book by Daniel Akande of Pushing the Antithesis…

FREE E-BOOK: I AM, therefore I think

— For those philosophers who Read my blog who might also enjoy momentarily checking out another choir to sing to.

sometimes I feel that we should entertain discussions that don’t agree with our particular philosophical contexts.

I am not Christian; neither do I argue any point about the existence of God, but here is a post with a link to an e-book by an author who appears to discuss a philosophy about “I am” having to do with God and or being.

A nice occasion, this post also allows me an opportunity to promote A philosophical book that also ponders the biblical “I am”.

The Moment of Decisive Significance







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