The Greedy “C-fuks” Need to Come Down to Earth

As if we didn’t know; but at least one C-fuk is admitting the HUGE discrepancy in regular schmoes and greedy fuks work compensation. People who make a lot of money are not worth more, they just care about themselves more than the rest of the world. And they’re greedy fuks. 😘

Enough said.

A little less greediness would be nice. Maybe they could consider how it is indeed the workers they exploit that allow them the life they have. That without us, they could not enjoy their greediness.

Here’s the whole thing:

GREEDY FUKS and Crass Philosophy

Let’s talk about greedy fuks for a second. It’s not bad; it just is.

There is ethics which lumps people into one big group. There is individual people who try to get the best for themselves and there’s a few people who are really good at taking all the resources and then making everyone else pay them for those resources. That is our current ethics. We allow that. It’s not wrong because we say it’s OKAY by our very activity.

Instead of calling them what they actually are, which is greedy motherfuckers — and I don’t mean this as an insult at all. I just mean it as the truth of the matter, that is, they are greedy, without putting any sort of ethical judgment upon it, and they are fuckers because they’re taking advantage of everyone else being more concerned other stuff besides making money.

They are greedy fuckers. And let’s just call a duck a duck. There are people who are greedy fuckers and the rest of us need to call them on their shit and make them accountable to the rest of us, instead of us living in this weird ideology where we have to be accountable to them, but them not us.





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