Reposting Death On Our Doorstep — Thanks Exxon-Mobil.

The average temperature in much of British Columbia, Canada, in the month of July is a comfortable 73° (F) or 23° (C).  Earlier this week, still in …

Death On Our Doorstep — Thanks Exxon-Mobil

—– I am reposting these next few posts with the idea that they represent a range of plausible real situations. They are making arguments about an actual situation, But their arguments are only sufficient. They only convince so many. They only interest certain types. Thus they aren’t really talking about what is true, even though the object they are viewing is true in itself.

So just on the other side of these next few posts re-posts, you will see my small comment in the first post that is not a re-post after these re-posts. 🤙🏾 science, physical health and mental health.





One response to “Reposting Death On Our Doorstep — Thanks Exxon-Mobil.”

  1. microglyphics Avatar

    I liked the message here Jill presents here. I don’t see where to ‘Like’ this, so this comment will have to suffice. I shared it to my LinkedIn crew:


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