3 thoughts on “Where Does Legitimacy Reside?”

  1. Legitimacy resides in what is, not what is believed or hoped. Belief is actually a barrier to truth, as one cannot believe and simultaneously scrutinize that belief.
    Combining what we’ve not found in physics (there is no stuff at the core of anything) consciousness is all that is real. Everything else is form, interpretation, and itself. It’s all one thing. I’m convinced more and more that belief is only necessary because nothing is real as we interpret it. By unbelief one can see the background of existence. Not the other way around. Belief is the greatest koan even laid at the minds of men.

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    1. Interesting. I feel our notions aren’t similar. Yet. Due to the fact of what is apparent, if all the various beliefs and configurations, I say that is real. All the bs everywhere constitutes the fact of what we have to deal with, and this fact is real. Reality is constitutive of beliefs and etc….
      Whereas what is not conveyed to be able to convince over belief is True.

      I juxtapose reality and truth, not as mutually exclusive categories, but as complimentary: both constitute the total field of what we are dealing with.

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