The Mental Health Small Tip of the Day

At some point in your day, it doesn’t matter when, sit back and close your eyes and breathe 20 times. Twenty in-out respirations.

Count them as you do them.

Don’t worry whether you are breathing fast or slow.

Don’t think about making them even. They can be whatever size breaths are going on. Some can be even, others might be long and full, some short and hurried. It doesn’t matter.

Breathe through your nose or your mouth, or both, or alternate. Whatever seems ok to you.

You don’t have to think about relaxing.

Just count them.

Don’t ponder about your stress, or worry about lowering your stress. Just breathe and count.

You don’t have to ponder anything for mental health, nor any health. You are simply breathing and counting.

If your mind wanders and you forget what the count was, just start from the count you think it might be. And continue to 20.

Do nothing besides sit back, close your eyes, and count 20 in-out breaths.

It will be just about, more or less, one minute of your day.





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