Reposting the Intro to Plato’s Republic: The “Noble Lie”

In this episode of Literary Tales, we examine and explore the wonders of the Great Books examining, in short form, aspects of Plato’s Republic …

Intro to Plato’s Republic: The “Noble Lie”

—- So good!!

Of course, I have to add my five cents.

The Application to a specific politics is of course, entirely applicable. 😄

However, when taken in consideration of the whole of Plato’s works, in that we can see that the Republic is slightly in a different timbre, I believe the irony is much deeper.

The irony of our current times with reference to the noble lie is that indeed the very notion, the very analysis of Plato in this way is it self based in a further lie, one that upholds the sense of reality. That is the nature of myth in the larger sense, as opposed to myth in the smaller, more local political sense.

It is the deferment native to religion itself that allows for the myth to supply reality, the categories of knowledge by which we find agency amidst a world. Not just political cohesiveness, but ontological and epistemological coherency and cogency.





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