A view to chill

Childhood is when everything is super easy.

Adulthood is when everything gets difficult.

Now, a conventional approach to living life would see those two statements with astonishment, especially coming from a counselor.

Perhaps a common reaction would be, how dare you suggest such a thing! Look around you; kids have it really hard today.

Well, yes. But then here comes my ironic caveat:

The difference is that the adult accepts that life is just difficult, where is the child still thinks they can do something about it.

The difficulty that the child is having is more about the sense that it should not be this difficult.

Whereas someone who has matured just realizes that life is very difficult, and we learn how to deal with it with a certain grace.

And this is not necessarily specifically about ones age.

Most children do not understand grace nor as a society do I believe that we are taught to conceptualize ourselves within grace, within kindness.







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