2 thoughts on “Placebo”

  1. The purpose of the comparison is to assess the differential effect of the medicine being tested over the baseline psychological effects associated with receiving medical attention and receiving a prescription.


    1. Yet. if the placebo effect indeed brings about the beneficial change in the person, what does it matter that it was by a placebo?

      I guess that’s what I’m really asking.
      And I guess I’m having in mind mental health, so far is placebo.

      I was just watching a video about the effect on town that changing tubes might have. The author said it doesn’t matter and he did a bunch of very detailed tests to see if indeed changing the tubes on an amplifier changed the guitar tone, like 98% of guitar players would say it does.

      His argument is that the perceived change in town is a placebo effect based on how much money you spent on buying the new tubes and the effort that it went into changing them and then just your hopes behind the idea that I’m going to get better tone by changing these tubes.



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