Politics and ethics


It seems to me that the political economy in the United States has one way to go: Ethically. I don’t mean this in some vague sense. I mean it in a very specific sense to what this link post suggests about our politics, namely, how the republican party has no real agenda except opposing Biden.

Now, Biden is definitely the ethical representative if we want to think of humanity. Regardless of policy, political ethics Hass to do with the “common human good”. The only way, to my mind, that the Republicans can counter what is already moving is to effectively segregate one group of human beings from another, to say finally that ethics only has to do with a certain portion of human beings that we consider human, for a term. That’s the only place they have to go at this point if their soul rallying constitution is merely to oppose Biden, That is, and circle around Trump.

An ideal of a common humanity is the only ethical gravitas that keeps the American Democracy intact.






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