Never-before Law Passes to Kill People Legally

— Idaho passes groundbreaking law to kill ranchers who kill wildlife. The new law requires that “extraneous human beings” shall be “legally exterminated” for the sake of saving the environment from morons.

The first of a series of new laws are being drafted in the Northwestern United States which offer to curb the needless growth of the human population. Human beings have been targeted by such laws in language that has historically been seen as unethical. Humans are now being rated as to “intelligence” with reference to the environment as well as “mentally sound” with reference to relationships with wild life. Those failing to meet the new criteria will be allowed to be “put down” by any rational human being “at dawn”. AP reported today.








2 responses to “Never-before Law Passes to Kill People Legally”

    1. landzek Avatar

      lol. Sometimes I feel I’m on the side of Thanos. In the infinity war/endgame movie.


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