More likely…actuality

cMy approach to the world concerns what is not “more likely”. Modern ideology and its associated orientation for construing identity, is concerned and focused upon addressing and accommodating what is “more likely”, placing bets and assessing risk according to this imperative.

My orientation concerns what is not more likely. Not “less likely”, as well; for, less likely is still reference to what is more likely, as though I can address what is less likely to occur or has occurred and thus bring them in to the flock of the more likely.

The more likely always asserts dysfunction as it’s enemy.

What is not more likely is actuality. 

I am more concerned with what is actually happening.x






8 responses to “More likely…actuality”

  1. landzek Avatar

    In a way, reading the quote again, it seems to be saying the opposite as I am saying. What you think ?


    1. Jon Awbrey Avatar

      Compare & Contrast, as my lit teachers used to pose the question. Just As Easily seemed like a middle ground or a tertium quid between Actually and More Likely, a least action principle or a slippery slope into radical possibility.

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      1. landzek Avatar

        ‘Just as easily’. Sounds. In that quote, of a mind that thinks of possibility as a means to decide upon how one should think about things, but then also what one should do.

        I don’t really look at Philosophy that way. But, I think a lot of people do consider Philosophy. as a way to help them to decide upon life, how to think about things, what they should think about things, how to determine themselves in the world, how to make decisions, how to evaluate criteria, etc. in short, what I call “possibility”. But I also label it and associate it with “conventional philosophy“. What I call “philosophy of…”

        To me, it is a conventional manner of approaching Philosophy.. But from my standpoint I don’t view that way a philosophy as Philosophy itself. The conventional approach which views philosophy as a sort of process of living, a particular way of thinking as process about living in life in the world, I think is very idealistic and trans in dental. It avoids what is actually occurring, which is to say, actually occurring philosophically 😄.


      2. landzek Avatar

        However, I do see that people live lives in that conventional way. I see that most human beings view this “conventional philosophy“ as quite natural and not conventional in any way that they understand it. To them, Philosophy. just seems like as I said. I’m not saying that they should think any differently about it, or that they should understand philosophy in the way that I do; kind of on the contrary, it is that I see that many people in Dee do did live their lives this way. But that is not how I live my life, and that is not how I view Philosophy. They are not wrong and I am not right. It’s just the actuality of the situation.


      3. landzek Avatar

        Lol…. and, actually, ironically, indeed I do carry on my life very conventionally, in a conventionally philosophical manner, but only under certain conditions.


      4. landzek Avatar

        You make me think. That’s rad. 🤙🏾


  2. Jon Awbrey Avatar

    ❝And if he is told that something is the way it is, then he thinks:  Well, it could probably just as easily be some other way.  So the sense of possibility might be defined outright as the capacity to think how everything could “just as easily” be, and to attach no more importance to what is than to what is not.❞

    Robert Musil • The Man Without Qualities

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    1. landzek Avatar

      Love this stuff. I suppose that where I get the Two Routes Thing. For me, to ponder possibility (beyond certain parameters) is to fall into inaction, to collapse into despair of not having any ability to discern how I should behave or what to do. Other people thrive on possibility; it excites them. To me, it makes me spiteful and sad. So, I am more concerned with what is actually occurring instead of what might possibly occur. Not that I do t think of possiblity, just my concern is with what is actually available. Through staying is what is actually happening, I am able to keep possilbity grounded.


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