“Step into the light !”

—- Society teaches us that the light is good. pretty much any religion that understands human beings as generally want to be happy and content advocates a light and a darkness at the essence of the universe and that human beings should aspire to shine the darkness and move towards the light.

The more I live the more I question this ethical maxim.

Rather, I think “enlightenment” is actually a description or an ad vacation of developing a certain myopia. That in order to be happy and content and successful one must limit their view. 

Im too lazy this morning to see if those links are actually embedding in my post or you’re gonna have to click on them. 🙂

The truth is boring even it as it accomplishes all fulfillment. No one wants the truth. Everyone wants enlightenment.

And …

Totalities don’t exist. 

So, the great spiritual teachers, the ones who truly are great, have to work to con people into thinking that they are moving towards enlightenment all the while but they aare encountering in actuality the darkness of being. 

All the way to Plato and “the great lie”.

and further.

Very Kierkegaardian, actually.x






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