Systems and Religions

A small, practical system is akin to ritual.

A big, metaphysical or logistical system is akin to religion.

The function is the same, how people respond to them are the same, the associated processes attributed to thinking are the same, the theoretical postulates of foundational causes and purported outcomes are the same.

The only difference between systems and religions is located in the religious operation of determining differences in overt meaning.

What is covert, hidden or denied as the actuality of real human involvement is, for any other meaning, prohibited or what we call heretical or sinful.

The words or terms are incidental to the truth of the situation while the semantics are instrumental. The effective conflation and thus interchangeability of words and meanings upon context, language and intention is what we call dogma.

The question “for what purpose am I involved by my assertion” is substantial.x

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