The golden ratio versus rationality

The longer-than-we’ve-acknowledged history of the Golden Ratio in design; @audreygbennett unpacks “The African roots of Swiss design”
(Plus- Mary …

“The golden ratio is the key”*…

—– might it be?

Western philosophy, founded or purported to stem from ancient Greek thinkers, who valued the whole number as a representation of platonic forms might likewise understand the world through such “holistic” perfect totalities, so to speak. finite forms through which thought is reflected.

yet perhaps it is this “finite view” which informs the western mind to its activity which can explain what we understand as history in the context of colonialism and the enlightenment, a ‘natural’ view of righteousness that is actually merely an asserted view and enforced to boot as part of its emotional imperative.

Whereas, also perhaps, the new materialism, and object oriented ontology is working its way out of this finite conventional view, from and toward what could be considered an “uncomfortable space” with reference to mindsets that must sit comfortably in ideal forms. The new materialism and object oriented ontology may find their grounding in something much more natural and less idealistic: mathematical notions such as Pi and Phi !!xxx






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