Flash What and Jordan Peterson

Adored guru and reviled provocateur, he dropped out of sight. Now the irresistible ordeal of modern cultural celebrity has brought him back.
— Read on www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2021/04/what-happened-to-jordan-peterson/618082/

—- The oddity intellectual who doesn’t quite get it, all the while saying things that almost say something significant.

The irony of the conflation of drugs, modernity, and pure postmodern intellectualism, all rolled into one.

Chewing gum, blowing a bubble, rubbing his chest and patting his head all at the same time.






One response to “Flash What and Jordan Peterson”

  1. pvcann Avatar

    Shallow man – playing the world for money, always seems to be saying “I didn’t mean that, I didn’t say that.”


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