Boulder, “3 square miles surrounded by reality” has joined the rest of the planet

Yesterday, The City of Boulder, which at one time was widely considered “different” from the rest of the United States and the world, became the same as everywhere else.

This comes as a time when the United States is having a reality check as well.


I remember in 1995, gun violence was basically nonexistent. I believe there was one gun shot on record for that year occurring in town– zero for decades prior.

It was the year when 12 people died from overdose of heroin – the whole year – And the city was alarmed at the “heroin problem” in the county. And Even though that summer, at least an ounce of Speed and crank (that is, good methamphetamine, before it is refined) was being sold on the main drag every day, right out in the open, where no one could see. Two beat cops patrolled during the day shift downtown.

That year as well, the Ku Klux Klan held a rally in the middle of town that was highly and vehemently protested. All the while the KKK message at the rally was “were just saying; Boulder is the kind of town that we like!”

Still to this day, even though Boulder has long departed from that iconic fantasyland of “keep Boulder weird”, people still think of Boulder as a unique city because if its citizens’ eccentricity, and hippie artistic “let it be” attitude, which mostly disappeared and become merely a commercial tag-line at least 10 years ago.

Four years ago Boulder County started to address its implicit systemic racism.

Maybe it’s about time.

Apple and Big Tech is taking over anyways, so…

…and death sells.





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