Repost and Comment: Spring, (metaphorically speaking) Within the Patriarchy that is our…

Spring, (metaphorically speaking)

— what an amazing post! So good!!

just read it. I am not fully knowledgeable about everything that is said in this post, it’s veracity, so if anyone else reads this and finds some blatant exaggerations or outright untruths, please let us know.

The only comment I’m gonna make really has nothing to do with the actual contents of the post. i’m going to comment on one sentence: that the holy inquisition lasted 600 years. just in a quick Internet search of “holy inquisition”, since I really am not Very educated about it, let’s just give it the benefit of doubt and say 300 years was when it was really going good.


I just trip out on time scale.

The United States has been around for 250 years; I wonder what generalization we could place on the United States? I mean in the sense that the holy inquisition lasted 400 years or whatever. Somehow, though the “holy inquisition” may have been a institution of the Catholic Church for that long, I ponder just what effect it was having in day today life, and so much as we for sure can talk about all the various vicissitudes in particular occasions into the segments of probably even decades if not 100 years segments.

what strikes me in these type of scales is a certain kind of arrogance that goes into people talking about or asserting some grand truths of how the world is, or the world should be, or what humanity is or how it should be.

I mean this in the sense that, say for example, the noble ideals around the United States. Even taken to a ridiculous extreme, to say that there are some larger truths at play around the ideals of the United States of America and its democracy, these ideals have at most been around for 250 years. sure, we could extrapolate and say they came out of this and that other time and whatever in the development of this idea and whatever. But there is some sort of ideal that goes into being “an American” however we wanna voice it, and whatever this ideal is it’s only been around for 250 years.

and here is the Spanish Inquisition molding ideas about the world and what it is to be human for 600 years.

and then we could even look at what we consider “culture” or “civilizations”.

The one I like to think about is ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt was going strong for something like 1500 years, and actually I think like 3000 years. I’m asking just what is the ideal of the United States at 250 years old compared to a civilization that can be generalized into 3000 years? 

and if we’re talking about the Spanish Inquisition, the medieval period was going on for something like 400 years as well or 500 years whatever it is.

all I’m really saying is that it smells to me of arrogance of the individual human beings, or even a group of people existing at any time. It just strikes me the arrogance that exudes from peoples ideas of righteousness.

also, if we can even conceptualize into ourselves, which is to say, if I am even able to conceptualize what being an American is, I’m really only drawing from at most 250 years of being human.

how ridiculous It sounds! The claim that the United States or being an American has any sort of substance that could be compared to a civilization, say, that lasted 2000 years.

never mind that any sort of compendium or lineage of ideas that might be grouped together to be called some sort of era, or to be titled to some certain name, is so filled with innumerable vectors of how it could have come to be the case, or why it should be, or the influences involved, or the particularity’s which bring about its conceptual shape, and then all the exceptions that go into the argument about how those conceptual balloons really hold no water at all….

The sheer vastness of time just boggles me. And when I compare various institutions to this vast network of insoluble era, I just find a tremendous humility.

I look out into my present world, and I can’t help but think how stupidly filled with themselves people really are.

i’m not disillusioned; I’m just amazed.xx

Just read the reposted link. An epoch of idiocy, a species of utter small minded dunces.

Simply astounding.x

…and kinda ironic.c





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