The Straitjacket

-— I know that in our present day it is no longer fashionable to complain about society. An overinflated ideal of mental health sees complaint about society is really an individual problem, and not a social problem. With all our great technology and hype and smiles, people dancing to their own tune, one might even go so far as to say that to complain against society is heretical.

well, I’m going to complain, even though probably no one will listen or care. And that’s just a condition of modern society as well: carelessness under the guise and lipservice of caring.

exhibit a: The straitjacket.

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There is never a more seminal symbol of progress and civilization than the straitjacket.

Those who live in the sunshine of the glories of modern civilization, Mental health has to do with being sad or uncomfortable because I got a flat tire going to work today. Or that Starbucks ran out of the ingredients for my mocha latte. I would submit for the readers consideration that your mental health is a way of avoiding yourself. Hence, why in my essay that I posted a link to a few days ago I argue that we need to find Substance If we are ever going to be able to understand what mental health is at all. My point is that, while indeed we live in a material world, it is not responsible for human beings to determine themselves entirely as real material, and that this Ideological determination, this religious tenant of modern society, is it self an aggravation of problem. In so much that I determine myself by looking to my real material, thereby do I only aggravate mental disturbance and develop all sorts of dysfunctional coping mechanisms to make myself “feel OK”.


The substance of self is universal freedom by universal determination. I’m not gonna go in to the discussion about what this means here; if anyone’s interested they can read my more official work. Because, in so much as I am confined by my materiality, thereby is the universal being of things put in dire straits. For, it is not my freedom that I’m worried about, rather, it is the freedom of being itself.

What a strange formulation, huh?  so much is assumed there, I can just imagine people thinking.

Without assumption, by merely looking across the globe, it is not difficult to see that what we understand at civilization, what we understand as official, authority, professionalism, is a falling in line, a capitulation of freedom for the sake of developing a complete denial of ethical failures.


For those who don’t know: Devices such as the strait jacket are pretty necessary in some situations. The plain fact of the matter is people with aggravated mental disturbances often cannot control their own behavior when their behavior is challenged by civilized authority. It is not that they are evil, even as they May be violent, Rather, it is the confinement of there being official civilized authority whereby the whole phenomenon of mental illness arises and those individuals reactions. When you encounter such people in that particular condition, one finds that there is no rationalizing with them, there is no getting them to calm down. Ultimately the only thing you can do is either put them in a room by themselves, or restrain them.

Just like people argue that the death penalty is just a “civilized way” of being unethical, so the hiding of physical restraint through what we call now “medical restraints” defines the righteousness of modern civilization.

I would even go so far as to say that the idea of “professionalism” is really a killing of one’s joy. It is an ideological straitjacket. A snuffing out of one’s ability to an act Justice ethically. As well, I would say the attempt to find justice and ethics in the material column of being, is it self a contradiction in terms, which is to say, civilized.

Thank you, good night. And have a pleasant tomorrow.x







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