Is this really a big story?

The headline sound all terrible like, oh my God we’re gonna have to wear masks for eternity for the rest of human existence!!

But then about a paragraph into it, it says that it’s going to stick around just like flu and HIV.


So basically we’re going to get a fair handle on this thing and it’s just gonna be another one of the diseases that human beings get just like kind of the common cold and the flu or measles.

Oh, and human beings die for all sorts of reasons?

I never knew that. 

It is sad, but the longer I live, the less significance and importance I see of our current configuration of civilization.

It’s like the Men in Black quote:


“They don’t know about it!”
… actually: they always like to think were headed to better things where there isnt death around every corner: They dont know that this catastrophe is the latest one in the history of capitalization.

People are naive, and want to remain that way.

— The only thing that I would say that is good about this civilization is that I am in it and I’m relatively comfortable, actually, compared to history, I am extremely comfortable, we are extremely comfortable in general.

But I would also submit that at any period of time, no matter what the level of struggle, people viewed their world in the same way: they live life, they do what they have to do, they enjoy the simple pleasures. They compare their lives to others both in place and time. x







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