Back in the day: “Don’t hate the media; become the media”*…


The annals of punk, the subculture as much as the genre– @internetarchive has digitized and made the full run available: “Punk Planet Archive”

“Don’t hate the media; become the media”*…

So great!

…. and of course we can attribute the ridiculous band from the 90s, Blink 182, To firmly establishing punk rock as a melodramatic high school music genre. 😆 …And even though Park rock used to be a generalized artistic expression more than just a brand of hard rock, We can also blame Blink-182 and their likes as reducing all forms of hard rock to merely another form of pop music.

Yes blink-182 is an embarrassment to music and art.

but don’t ask me how I feel. lol. 😜







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