Subjective or objective ? Constructive or Empirical ?

Read the post by Alan Sokal on Medium.

I agree with his point, and, I don’t.

I understand that there are actual facts that we all encounter everyday, and, the way people think about the manifests reality.

The arguments which work to lean to one side or the other, whether facts drive ideas or whether ideas manifest facts, is a method toward truth based in a non sequitur. The non sequitur is found within the either/or reasoning:

(1) that human minds can have access to an actual reality through either/or reasoning or argument.

The assumption is that there is an actual reality we have access to, whether it be constructed or be empirical.

Duh. And yet people are so adamant out their views (ability or view) , even to the point of obsession.

(2) Every argument anyone would make is constructed, based in the individual assertion of what they understand already.

My point is that this kind of method reifies that people just make shit up and argue for it in various ways. The scientists, like Sokol for example, are caught in thier constructed world. Yes, it appears that empirical objective reality is giving them (and us) substance, but ultimately it is the method of arguing the point which thus shows everyone axiomatically that thier own (constructed) ideas (whatever they are) are solute.

Something else is happening that this particular method of knowing is not revealing, but actually working to deny.

Hence, our present situation we see everywhere.

My point is that it is responsibility, not argument and self righteous posturing, that is the issue for solution.

…and this concerns ethics.

But this will never be realized in reality Becuase the conventional method is the real method, always.


I gotta say, though: reading through the names of blogs on Medium (I’m not gonna pay) kinda shows me that people are very self righteous. And that’s what we have, that is what modernity is: Self righteousness raised to the level of a social conventional maxim.

No point in engaging except in the attempt to help. Unless you are invested in Being self-righteous — and that’s fine. But it perpetuates a particular methodological problematics

Ok bye.







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