Doubt and Daemons Exist


While some may appear to lead a life unperturbed by fear and doubt, many are driven by forces less benign.

Doubt and Daemons

—- Nice!

Me bit and 10 sense:

Existence arises and occurs. Reality exists like meat of a walnut, doing what it does, having its own textures, liked and not liked, filled with essential aspects and choices that have repercussions of want and desire.

yes and no: all that exists reduced to and suspended from, equally and not. true and false. opinions and blissfill nothingness. Purpose and despair. meaning and emptiness.

All exist. Truly.x






One response to “Doubt and Daemons Exist”

  1. Anthony Garner Avatar

    Yep! I think your comments sum it up well. a


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