Thinking and Healing

Just pointing out on my post repost of Loenzini’s Paper on Foucault. And with regards to my last post about time for being.

I think it is very interesting how she (But Foucault)  makes the point that Philosophy. used to be about meaning and healing. but lately Philosophy. has just been about definition and evil, or avoiding evil. I think it’s interesting that they make the association of healing and evil. Which then moves to point out how modern philosophy is really a suppression of what is healing, in other words, it makes a Patsy out of healing for the sake of exalting the intellectual spirit, and calls such a healing factor of philosophy, essentially, in effect, evil by insinuation of method. It is not that Philosophy specifically indicates healing as evil, but in the effect of its methodology which exalts pure reason and intellectuality, disclaiming any healing function, any ontological inclusion, thereby the implicit equation is that which is healing of Philosophy should not be abided.

In my work I indicate this barren method of philosophy by the term “conventional philosophy”. But it’s so much as we are admitting and being honest with what Philosophy actually does, which is to say, tries to help individuals position or locate them selves or validate themselves in reality, thereby we reclaim the healing element of philosophy itself..

For sure there is an aspect of philosophy that is strictly intellectual processing. 

However, It may just well be that the mental health crisis we are in-countering now is because of the missed-direction that Modern/conventional Philosophy takes. And this is to say that I believe that human beings read Philosophy because most are interested in Philosophy because they are searching for something. They are attempting to connect their experience with something larger. But what we have found at least in the 20th century is that Philosophy keeps pulling back from that inclusion of being, to over intellectualize it into nothingness, into a sterile intellectualized “pure being” that no human being can possibly match up to.

At risk of over generalizing, We find evidence of this in many philosophers and philosophies of dystopia.  it is not difficult to notice this downplay, this depressed darkened version of being in such blogs as “dark ecologies”. While the term has held some irony, most uses I’ve seen do not; nevertheless, there is some scholarship going on there, and there are many things to contemplate. But I have always had issue with that blog and its authors because their whole vision is very dark, to just be blatantly honest about how it feels you read them. There are other sites also that resonate this way, toward a bleak future of depressing humanity, of over technology destroying what is human –to briefly sum up my feelings in reading.

If it is true, as Foucault says, that modern philosophy by removing the healing component of it and sterilizing it and distilling it to some sort of over arcing privilege of centralized reason, that philosophy in the modern era is always about the “I”, The subject presuming itself upon all of existence, then I think my point is made here. intellectually speaking such darkened extremities of the conventional philosophical arena do make some points; they are talking to someone, and they constitute a constituency of individuals who likewise have had their views and horizons darkened by the over intellectualization of being and world, but rather than submit and to sub come, I have always looked toward a brighter day. (Perhaps because the darkness I lived through was an actual darkness, not just an intellectual synthesis of a kind of “cool mood” of darkness. Anyone who is actually faced death and it’s depressing and saddening effects does not find themselves intellectually justified by sitting in it. If anything, they use their intellect spitefully, sarcastically, only because they find that they are unable to dig them selves out of such the abysmal pit through thinking about it.) 

I don’t think I’m delusional or putting my head in the sand merely because I see a potential of humanity rather than a dysfunction overtaking the future. 

Just check out the Philosopher Nick land, of which many of these darker philosophies seem to grab hold; a distortion of the previous post modern machine like, Organ-less misinterpretation of Deleuze and Guattari. If there was ever a philosopher who embodied the drug-induced spiteful haze of the 1990s it is Nick land. 


Perhaps it is this discrepancy that is to blame for our present mental health crisis. The discrepancy which suggests that such sterile philosophy is supposed to infiltrate and encounter every possibility of knowing.








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