Survival show and More

The farther one goes back in history, the more intense the question of record survival becomes. The farther away we look, the dimmer things get, not …

Survival show

—— Our view is partial, yet always receding in one way or another.

I ponder if indeed there is a correlate linear idea of human kmowldege and ability which fades the further back in time we go becuase we indeed are progressing in knowldge, or if our idea of this progression is due to a loss of records and an inability to get to the ones we have, or, if we simply are inable to hold a larger capcity than that which we see as historically fading.

Perhaps we are only able to hold a certain amount of knowldge in conceptual organiztion whether it be personal or social or ideoligical.






2 responses to “Survival show and More”

  1. butimbeautiful Avatar

    Maybe it depends how we store our knowledge. Before writing obviously it was oral and easily lost. Now it’s digital, so able to hold an almost infinite amount, but vulnerable to hacking, viral attacks and power shortage.


    1. landzek Avatar

      Yes. More permanent storage ability… I wonder also if human consciousness itself will and or is only able to process a limited amount of information as a whole even, as a group. I ponder if it’s just an aspect of human consciousness to “project open space“ to there by “believe or think“ that more information is being processed.

      From the individual standpoint, there’s got to be some sort of limit for the regular human being in a capacity to know things for any period of time. Like only so much can be known and only so much can be processed, including that of other people. For example, the input from other people is included in that capacity. And so I ponder if as a group there is a similar capacity and a similar limit, but that the perception, again and ability of consciousness, to think that there is “more information“. Like it’s a kind of thinking, rather than a more thinking.
      Does that make sense?

      Maybe there’s a point of saturation both on the individual level but also on the group level.

      Because I wonder if say 2000 years ago human beings didn’t have the same amount of information that they were exposed to that we do now.

      I wonder how anyone can have more information in one. Of time and less information in another period of time. It seems like it’s all information, regardless of the quality of it.


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